After midnight on Tuesday, the Russian forces succeeded in striking the Patriot air interception missile platforms that the Ukrainian forces obtained a few weeks ago from Germany.

Russian media, including Sputnik news agency, reported, quoting the Ministry of Defense, the success of the Russian army in striking a base in Ukraine that was the center of the famous US Patriot air interception missile platforms.

The Russian army used the Kinzhal missile in carrying out this precise war forestry operation this morning.

The Kinzhal missile, which means dagger, is characterized by great accuracy in hitting targets and tremendous destructive accuracy.

There is no Western system capable of intercepting this missile.

Russia uses hypersonic missiles on rare occasions in the war, when it wants to hit and destroy precise targets, and during the rest of the war it uses primarily Kalibr missiles and then Iskander missiles, and during the last days it lifted the use of these missiles against the Ukrainians.

Russia believes that the Patriot missiles are not dangerous and cannot intercept hypersonic missiles such as the Kinzhal, and it hastened to destroy it so that it wouldn’t be a threat to the Russian fighters, which are forced to reduce the height and reduce the speed at times in order to increase the success rate of hitting the targets, and other platforms may be hidden in different places in Ukraine for fear of being monitored and destroyed, and Ukraine may use them only in an attempt to intercept Ballistic missiles or attempting to shoot down Russian fighters.

On the other hand, Russia pledged to destroy the British offensive long-range missiles that Britain had handed over to Ukraine.

The missiles are accurate and close to the level of “HIMARS”, and Britain delivered these missiles to the Ukrainian forces last week, and the Ukrainians used them to strike a town in the Lugansk region on Monday.

The Ukrainian President visited London on Monday and reached British commitments to provide him with advanced weapons.

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