Russia and America receive valuable intelligence data from Syria

The war in Syria allowed both, Russian and American armies to obtain a lot of information and data about the features of the practical use of the latest military equipment, as well as the methods and ways of command of the forces.

American officers confirm that the exchange was bilaterally, and the Pentagon was unable to conceal its expertise and equipment from Russian military intelligence.

The Americans have pointed out that in Syria they have been able to identify effective Russian radar systems, Pantsir air defenses, Caliber missiles and X-101 long-range missiles, the Military Watch reported.

The US military was particularly interested in the operations of the Russian air force, where the Su-34 bombers were used for the first time, in addition to the Su-25 and Su-24.

According to experts, the Russian army received a large amount, unparalleled information.

General Jameson of the US Air Force announced in January 2018 that the participation of the US F-22 fighter in the Syrian operation gave the Russian troops an invaluable opportunity to observe how Raptor was operating.

The commander of the US Air Force Central Command, lt. gen. Jeffrey Harrigian, said the United States had learned a lot about the capabilities of the Russian air force, noting that Russia had gained significant experience in Syria.

The Russian General Staff received valuable information on how to direct new models of Tomahawk missiles, drawn from rockets that did not explode during US strikes in April on Syrian installations.

Military experts noted that a large part of the Russian soldiers who took part in the operation in Syria had acquired experience in carrying out modern combat operations.

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