Rouhani: America should not play with fire

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on his US counterpart to avoid playing with fire, warning that the war with his country would be “the mother of all wars”.

Speaking to Iranian diplomats in Tehran on Sunday, Rouhani told Trump: “Mr. Trump! We’re men of dignity and honor and keepers of the naval corridor of the region security throughout history, don’t play with fire because you will regret”.

Rouhani said that the current US administration “fighting with the world and struggling with national interests at the same time”, warning Washington that “peace with us is the real peace and war with us is the mother of all wars”.

Rouhani said that “the more Europe tried to get closer to the agreement with us, the White House hinders it”, adding that “in the new circumstances we seek to correct relations with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain”.

In this regard, the supreme leader of the Iranian revolution Ali Khamenai on Saturday stressed the seriousness of the threats, previously issued by the Iranian leadership on the disruption of the export of oil from the region in the event of restricting the export of Iranian oil.

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