According to media sources, The US forces is preparing to announce the formation of new forces in northeastern Syria linked to the SDF in the form of units and queues that will be distributed in the oil regions in order to protect oil installations under the name of the Oil Guard Forces.

At a time when reports indicate a plan to reconstitute Kurdish forces in northern Syria, with indications about the role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from behind the scenes.

The plan is to rebuild the Kurdish forces, it is primarily an American plan designed to give international coverage to the Kurdish units, noting that American officials met with representatives of Kurdish political structures to integrate them under a new entity, and on top of these structures is the Kurdish National Council, a member of the Syrian Opposition Coalition and the community movement Kurdish Democrat, controlled by the PKK.

The new proposal aims to form an army that brings the parliament and party together, according to what the United States has informed the parties.

According to the sources, the project will be funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the formation of the new military structure will require the allocation of $ 520 million over three years, in addition to $ 200 million in operating expenses.

The new force is to consist of 10,000 fighters and include 5 commando and anti-terrorist squads, to be led by Farhat Abdi Shaheen, commander of the Syria Democratic Forces, known as Mazloum Kobani.

According to the sources, the American intelligence and the Pentagon plan to train 4,000 members and integrate them into the ranks of the force during the next two years, which was confirmed by renewing the contracts of hundreds of SDF elements that were rescinded after Trump’s partial withdrawal from Syria last year.

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