Rapid developments.. The Syrian army will control the south and a US withdrawal Al Tanf Area.

The talks on the area of reducing escalation in southern Syria, including Al Tanf ended and took place a few weeks ago.

The result came, that the control of the southern border will be handed over to the Syrian government.

A well-informed source said, that the control of the Syrian border, including Al Tanf area, will be in Damascus’s hands, according to agreements discussed a few weeks ago.

«All the southern border areas will be handed over to the Syrian government, and in the Golan Heights, the agreement will be renewed around the area of the UN monitoring force, and no Iranian forces are being seen in the border areas».

«These agreements have been discussed for several weeks».

On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed hope that US troops would be withdrawn from Al Tanf south-east of Syria.

«As for the information, which I have not heard about, the United States has prepared a plan to withdraw US forces from Al Tanf, and as I said earlier, this area was artificially created for unknown reasons from a US military point of view.

So we draw the attention of our American colleagues on this point during the mutual military communication».

«If they get the result, I hope it will be done».

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