Israeli circles are still in a state of shock, as Operation Al Aqsa Flood enters its third day.

The operation began on Saturday, through a large-scale rockets attack launched by the Palestinian factions on land, sea and air, directing thousands of missiles towards various Israeli towns and cities from Dimona in the south to Hod Hasharon in the north and Jerusalem in the east, with Palestinian fighters storming Israeli areas on land using four-wheel drive cars and bicycles, firefighters and gliders, without any prior warning.

The most important question remains: How did this happen?

The element of surprise adopted by the Palestinian factions in Operation Al Aqsa Flood was the most shocking and surprising element for Israel, which was busy celebrating several religious occasions.

However, the most prominent reason was the absence of the role of the Israeli Air Force, which did nothing even though two hours had passed since the bombing, and it became clear that this Air Force was absent in the first place.

He added that the Palestinian fighters entered the Israeli settlements and penetrated 8 military sites after completely destroying Israeli military communications.

Thus, the units lost communications between each other and the Air Force, which stopped any movement with a lack of coordination.

The second reason is that Israel lost the ability to spy on Hamas’s communications, which it had always enjoyed.

On the day of the operation, the movement used waves that Israel didn’t know anything about.

The Hamas operation still shocks Israel, which prompted the Israeli small-government to announce officially entering into a state of war.

This is the first time since the October 6 War of 1973 that Israel has declared this state of war.

This came after the death toll as a result of the surprise attack launched by Hamas at dawn on Saturday morning reached more than 700, while the number of prisoners was estimated at more than 100.

On the Palestinian side, there were more than 400 martyrs and more than two thousand injured.

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