The spokesman of al Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas movement, Abu Obaida said, “the Zionist occupation tried to displace our people and cause great destruction in an attempt to restore its image”.

He denied what the Israeli army announced a day earlier about the liberation of a female soldier hostage from the Gaza Strip, saying, “We monitored the enemy’s narrative regarding one of his female captives was liberated, and we deny that he reached any prisoner held by al Qassam Brigades”.

Abu Obaida said in a video recording on Hamas telegram channel, “The movement informed mediators that it will release some foreign prisoners in the coming days”.

Abu Obaida threatened the Israeli army that Gaza will be a graveyard for them, and “we give good news to Netanyahu and his military leaders that they will kneel at the end of this battle”.

Abu Obaida stressed, “our mujahideen continue to confront and defend thoughtfully and have engaged in fierce confrontations at all points of confrontation”.

His speech on the twenty-fifth day of the war that Hamas with other Palestinian factions fought fierce and direct confrontations at all points of confrontation.

“We introduced into this battle for the first-time equipment used from zero distance against tanks,” he added.

Abu Obaida said that the Israeli occupation is trying to displace our people and cause great destruction in an attempt to restore its image, stressing that Gaza will be a graveyard for the enemy, and that defensive resistance operations are continuing, and there is still a lot in store for them.

The military spokesman for al Qassam Brigades announced the destruction of 22 Israeli military armored vehicles so far, with al Yassin 105 anti-armor missiles.

He added, “Our mujahideen carried out infiltration operations and circumvented the enemy forces, and were able to kill a number of them”.

He confirmed that the al Qassam Navy was able to launch attacks against naval targets using the Al Asif guided torpedo, which entered service in this battle.

Abu Obaida also announced, “The mediators informed us that we will release a number of foreigners in the coming days, in line with our desire not to keep them in Gaza”.

He added, “If Netanyahu is boasting today that he freed one female prisoner, then he will need 20 years to free the rest of the prisoners”.

He continued in his speech, “We still see from the heart of this battle that it’s the beginning of the battle to liberate and sweep away the occupier”.

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