The Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his annual message to the Federal Assembly that the West has tried to dismantle and destroy the Russian economy and bring about a collapse in the Russian ruble.

Putin added that the West tried to make Russian citizens suffer because of the sanctions, thus canceling internal stability, but they did not succeed.

He stressed that “the Russian economy appeared to be much stronger than what the West thought, even after the sanctions, and we were keen to stabilize the economic situation, prevent a shortage of goods in the market, and support businesses”.

Putin continued: “The ruble’s share in foreign trade has doubled, by a third, compared to December 2021, and in addition to the currencies of friendly countries, the share – foreign trade – has doubled by half”.

He pointed to the need to build effective economic relations and logistical corridors within Russia, in addition to developing the ports of the Black Sea and Azov.

Putin added that according to estimates, in the second quarter of this year, inflation in Russia will approach the level of 4%, while inflation in some European Union countries has reached 17%, 12%, and 20%.

Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, announced last Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his speech to the Federal Assembly, would pay special attention to the military operation, and now everyone is waiting for an assessment of what is happening.

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