Russian President Vladimir Putin signed, on Saturday, a law that raises the maximum age for contractual service during mobilization, martial law, or wartime, to those who are 70 years old.

Under the new law, the maximum age of admission for those holding the rank of senior officers such as colonel general and admiral, during the period of mobilization, martial law or wartime will be 70.

For citizens of various military ranks, the maximum age of admission will be 65 years.

According to the Russian Military Service Law, the maximum service age for men is from 50 to 65, depending on rank, and after reaching the limit, they can stay in the Russian Armed Forces for several more years by signing a new contract.

At the same time, the contracts of senior officers holding the ranks of Field Marshal, General of the Army and Admiral of the Fleet remain renewable for a period determined by the Russian President, regardless of their age.

Besides this law, the Russian president also issued a law, one preventing recruiting prisoners in military, and the other a law that allows the authorities to imprison anyone for 30 days if they violate martial law if declared in the country.

Putin’s decision came in response to the armed rebellion announced by Wagner group.

On Saturday morning, the founder of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, announced the arrival of his forces to the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don and besieged the headquarters of the Southern Military District.

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