Putin: If NATO provide Ukraine with F16s… we will burn it as we burned your heavy equipment


Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday, that the F16 fighter jets that Ukraine’s allies will send to Kiev will be burned, while the United States allowed the delivery of these fighter jets to Ukraine.

Last month, the United States, which has long refused to deliver fighter jets to avoid escalating the conflict, gave the green light to deliver the F16s that Kiev has repeatedly demanded.

The date and number of delivery of these US-made aircraft hasn’t been determined at this stage.

Brussels announced at the end of May that Poland had started training Ukrainian pilots in the meantime.

Putin said at an economic forum in St. Petersburg that tanks, which NATO delivered to Ukraine, are burning, and that will be the same fate of the F16s that they’re intend to send to Ukraine.

Among the questions that will also be raised in the event of the delivery of the F16s to Ukraine is finding safe bases for takeoff and landing, and fixing them there, at a time when Russia bombed many Ukrainian airports.

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