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The Saudi “Al Arabia” channel conducted a television interview with Russian Professor Alexander Dugin, in which the famous Russian professor answered a set of important questions that explain the reality of the challenges that Russia faces in its confrontation with the West.

Professor Dugin didn’t hide the facts of logical analysis, which explained in details the remarkable course of events, as Professor Dugin believes that Russia is in a very long and frightening war, carrying serious outcomes.

A year ago, Moscow planned for a limited, fast and rapid military operation, aimed at changing the political regime in Ukraine, forcing it to refuse joining NATO, and stay away from militarization and avoid adopting Nazi ideology.

However, and as time goes by, Moscow realized that these objectives wasn’t achieved, meaning that it’s within the time period and the time planned, the implementation of the required was impossible.

What turned out, that the merger of Ukraine into the West and NATO was much deeper than the Russian leadership believed, and the Russian leadership was betting on a number of opposition political figures in Kiev, but this didn’t work, as those opposition political figures were immediately restricted and neutralized by the authorities in Kiev.

Russia later found out itself in a state of war that wasn’t ready for, and wasn’t counting on, nor want it and seek for it.

Moscow found itself in the midst of this war, which wasn’t aware of the truth about what happened, except for the fall of last year, when the Russian leadership announced the partial mobilization, and the Russian forces lost control of several locations and forced to withdraw from several areas that had controlled earlier, especially within the Kharkov region.

After that, the enemy forces began to advance, and the Russian forces took a retreat in many fronts.

Russia also saw the volume of Western supplies and the great support that Kiev obtained from Western weapons and US and Western political, diplomatic and economic preparation to support Kiev to the maximum, to later the Russian leadership find itself in the face of complete facts that cannot be ignored, and there is no end to it on the foreseeable horizon, according to Russian visions of the fait accompli.

The truth of the matter, as everyone in Moscow was initially insisting on describing what happened as a “special military operation” only, so that a decision has been adopted on preventing of the term “War” to describe it.

However, and by the spring and the beginning of the summer last year, number of experts and analysts started to use the two expressions that is describing what is happening as military operation at times, and war at other times.

Moscow hasn’t declared state of war on Kiev, and this is true, and it must be remembered, but today everyone is aware that this confrontation is actually a war in which Russia faces the West directly, and with Ukrainian hands.

After the coup that took place in Kiev in 2014, which overthrown the political regime, it became impossible to avoid war and confrontation, especially, after Russia annexed Crimea, the secession of the Donbas region, and the only way that prevented this confrontation in 2022, was to start it in 2014, meaning that, the Russian leadership should’ve been intervene to liberate Novorossiya, or at least reach a logical end.

The Russian leadership has made a great mistake in joining the Minsk Agreement, while Russia should’ve used all this period of time to prepare and get ready for what was started in 2022.

The Russian leadership was fooled by the Minsk Agreement, while the West got a long break time, apparently they exploited that time, while the Russian leadership made a big strategic mistake, because it didn’t want to face the truth.

The other thing, and that during the time of former US President Donald Trump, the intensity of the military conflict was fading, because he wasn’t seeking to eliminate Russia.

As for the reality of the situation today during the current US President Joe Biden, it’s the exact opposite.

This US administration doesn’t hide its endeavor towards harm Russia, which reaches the point of undertaking and support all efforts to destroy Russia, or eliminate its unity.

This confrontation that took place in 2022 was inevitable, sooner or later.

As for Ukraine, and its future, it can be said, that it won’t have an existence at all in this war that Russia is fighting with the West, as there is the following crossroads:

  • This war is a very dangerous war, to the extent that Russia cannot lose in any way.

And rather, it can end… It cannot be said that Russia can give away the lands it has controlled, if that occur Russia will face itself in domestic explosion, and Russia will drown in a civil war.

Therefore, it’s not possible for Russia to lose this war in any way, and if Russia has retracted a step back, then it will retract a thousand steps.

Therefore, Russia will fight to the end, because it’s simply cannot stop, and because Russia won’t satisfy less than the liberation of the entire Ukrainian lands from the Nazi political elite loyal to the West and NATO, and whatever the cost of this to be paid as a price to achieve that.

This will be a victory, the only victory for Russia.

  • As for what will be considered a victory for the West… In fact, Western victory has already been achieved.

The West has already won the war, when he succeeded in drag Russia into this war, since its implementation of the coup in 2014, and by subjugating Russia to all types of sanctions, and isolating Russia from the world.

Perhaps the winner here isn’t Europe, as the United States pushed and has succeeded in isolating Russia.

Currently, the Russian influence on Europe today is almost equal to Zero.

On the other hand, the United States succeeded in mobilizing and strengthening NATO, and achieved isolating Russia from the world, at least from the Western countries, and here we are talking about quite a few countries of the world, which is subjected to direct US influence.

This Western victory is a great victory using other forces, without using their direct forces.

Russia cannot lose in this war, that is, Russia must win, even if it a negatively win.

As for Ukraine, it has no chance to be excited in such a case, the equation is, when there is Russia, there will be no Ukraine, and the West will accept this reality, because Russia will become less dangerous after a blow to its infrastructure, especially the Russian gas pipelines that provide Europe with gas, and therefore, Russia will need long period of time, to deal with all the new lands that are within its borders.

Russia itself won’t use nuclear weapons, so there will be no threat to the outbreak of a nuclear war on the part of Russia, but there will be a threat if Russia begins to lose this war, then Russia will have to use nuclear weapons, and therefore, if Russia was allowed to emerge victorious, it will be.

That’s a victory for the West and a defeat for Russia, but with its preservation and the salvation of humanity, but there will be no Ukraine in any of these cases, as it will disappear if Russia won, and will disappear with rest of the humanity, in case of nuclear weapons on the world.

Even as the scenario of Ukraine’s victory is imagined, it will be in the face of a reality that lies in the killing of huge number of people, and the destruction of all infrastructure, as no one has the intention to rebuild all this huge destruction, so Ukraine won’t actually exist.

It was better from the beginning that the Soviet Union wasn’t destroyed and dissolved, and that someone at that time would knock the neck of both Yeltsin and Gorbachev at the appropriate time.

The world’s transition to the monochromatic stage, to a multiple world, has already begun, since the arrival of Russian President Vladimer Putin to power in Russia, and Xi Jinping’s arrival to power in China.

The two leaders created the preconditions necessary for a multipolar world, and when the conflict began in Ukraine, this was the last test, but the rapidly sweeping victory for Russia is important, if Russia was able to win, and Russia would be allowed to say: “Yes, the world today is multipolar,” but it’s not.

Today we are in the midst of the stage of this frightening transition to a multipolar world, where this can have very severe consequences.

For example, this can be transmitted to other regions of the world, where there will be an escalation in the Middle East, there will be an Israeli-Iranian confrontation, and Chinese Taiwanese, and all of this will be an indication of a multipolar world, and perhaps there will be a crisis and confrontation between the two Koreas and Japan may be included in such conflict as well, but we cannot say that the world is in the stage of multiple actual poles, because there is no certain international institutions, and the West headed by the US doesn’t intend to weaken its hegemony, as the West today is in a state of clinging to hegemony while it’s in the dying stage.

As for talking about the myth that Professor Alexander Dugin is the mastermind of Vladimir Putin, here it must be said that the West liked the idea of naming Professor Dugin as “Rasputin”, as the West loves the idea of kill Rasputin, loves killing Russian Tsars, and love plotting conspiracies.

The West tried to draw the image of Professor Dugin, as a Russian man with a large beard, and in a similar stereotype for traditional stereotype, so that these images are in harmony with the stereotype that the West drew to the Russian people, as a malicious person, has an effect on the Kremlin and Russian society as a whole,

He’s considered a source of absolute evil, and in a methodology that ignores the history of the history and Russian civilization, the Russian peoples and their history and culture.

In fact, the Russian President adopts different visions of Professor Dugin, as Putin as a political state man in the first place, seeks to negotiate with the West, without seeking confrontation, at a time when Professor Dugin is aware of the absurd negotiation with the West who seeks to eliminate and break up Russia in various ways, and that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian confrontation with the West is an inevitable, which is subject to US domination, imposed by the facts of the strategy and the Geopolitics.

The Russian president believes that Russia is an integral part of European civilization, although he’s not impressed with the shape of the current Western European civilization, which is far from the pattern of Russian civilization and culture, which is far different, in terms of embracing culture, heritage, religious and moral values, which Russia embrace.

At a time when the Russian President criticizes the style of the current Western civilization, he doesn’t hide at the same time, his sympathy for the concepts of past liberalism.

On the other hand, the West in the eyes of Professor Dugin is nothing but a source of absolute evil, as Western civilization destroys all concepts of religions, customs, traditions, family values, sexual orientation which is against nature God created, and by entering more and more in the world of virtual reality and industrial intelligence, which is in many ways destroying the Mankind.

Western civilization has devoted a new concept of slavery, in which man has become a slave of modern technology, social media and virtual reality worlds, far from all religious, moral and innate values.

The essential difference between Putin’s view of the West and Professor Dugin, that the West in the eyes of Professor Dugin is nothing but Antichrist.

As for Putin, he doesn’t think that, on the contrary, he considers the West to be a partner who acts aggressively with Russia for some reason, and now Russia is facing that partner in this war, and if that fighting isn’t on as this confrontation, Russia would now provide the West with oil and cheap natural gas, which is the advantage that fully contributed to the prosperity of Western European countries economically during the past two decades.

The actual anti-Russian view of the West is manifested in the fact that Russia is an oriental, Christian Orthodox civilization, and is completely different from Western civilization.

Traditional values and human moral, cultural and social meanings are completely different.

Professor Dugin’s ideas and theories predicted what would happen in advance, and what this confirms are the statements that the Russian president announced lately.

The recent statements of the Russian president have become almost all as he’s saying: “We’ve deceived by the West… They deceived us in the Minsk agreements… They deceived us in the Nord Stream project… They deceived us on the issue of NATO not to expand towards the east… The West deceived us in everything”, at a time when Professor Dugin was saying, since the beginning, and long before Putin’s arrival to power, the West was deceiving Russia, and only seeks to weaken Russia, either by total elimination or pose full domination on Russia.

Consequently, the West is an enemy of Russia that must be confronted and fought, at a time when the Russian president sees it as a partner who can be negotiated and reach an understanding with.

With regard to the assassination attempt that the daughter of Professor Dugin’s, Darya was killed at last year, those who were behind this assassination attempt, which apparently the Professor Dugin was the target, as he was supposed to be in the car that was targeted, so his daughter Darya was the victim instead of her father.

Some think that Professor Dugin is a threat to Ukraine through his alleged impact on decision making in the Kremlin, but in reality Professor Dugin doesn’t pose any threat or danger to Ukraine, because Putin is in fact who make decisions by himself, but the West sees in the ideas and writings of Professor Dugin dangerous and a threat, so it was necessary to get rid of him.

The West sees in the ideas of Professor Dugin about the fourth political theory, the inevitability of returning to traditions and cultural and religious roots, and in his theories about the facts of geopolitical that governs the world, all of which are ideas and opposition theories and hostile to the liberal Western standpoints in terms of culture and policies, as Professor Dugin’s ideas fights the one pole, so these ideas must be eliminated, and Dugin’s theories and publications must go with its owner for good.

In the impact, the West sees Professor Dugin different from even the opinions of many of the Russians, and therefore the man and his ideas have become a danger that must be eliminated, because he seeks towards spreading ideas that build thought, scientist and society that is different from the beliefs and direction of the West, and therefore the West instructed the assassination attempt to be executed by Ukrainian terrorists.

With regard to Russia and its allies, Russia has remained in most of its history, the one that receives the first blow, as for example China, the biggest ally of Russia, it doesn’t share the same ideas and trends with Russia in general, so China takes advantage of the maximum that it gains from Russia and gain experience from Russia’s struggle towards a multipolar world.

China supports Russia, but in the impact it puts itself in the back seat leaving Russia to confront the task of confrontation and receive strikes, as it sets in the back monitor what is going on and learns lessons, after which it draws its own policies that provide and secure its interests, which aren’t necessarily compatible totally with Russia, but at the same time it remains in full solidarity, sort of, with Russia till the end.

However, with all of that, it must be said, that the Chinese are more rational than the Russians, and they have a better policy than the policy and Russian political behaviors.

Today, the Chinese see Russia’s military failures on the ground, which was the result of Russia’s wrong calculations that goes throughout the past three decades.

The Chinese are learning from the mistakes that Russia makes, and they regret when Russia committed these mistakes, they don’t like Russian weakness, but in return they aren’t ready to risk everything to support Russia.

China is an ally of Russia, but it places itself half a step behind.

All countries are concerned with the idea of multipolar world that serves the interests of those countries.

China and many other countries, such as India, which don’t hide their admiration for the West, are a nation that is definitely benefiting from the polar pluralism in the world.

As for the Arab and the Islamic world, which in many of its sides seeks for independence from Western hegemony, despite being divided, and not united, as it suffers from a large amount of internal conflicts and inter-differences, and Professor Dugin doesn’t hide his sympathy for the Arab and Islamic world as a whole because it’s part of his idea that calls for the unity of culture and oriental heritage within the Eurasian world that brings together the Arab and Islamic world along with Russia.

The Latin American countries sees a multipolar world, a goal and an important step that contributes to the independence and prosperity of their countries and their departure from the US and Western/North Atlantic domination.

Many Latin American countries are aware of the supreme national goals that Russia is seeking to achieve in this war and this confrontation with the West, and the matter is also with the countries of the African continent that have a bitter history and past with the Western domination over it, enslave its people, control and steal its resources.

In conclusion, Russia is practically facing the West almost alone, and it seems its destiny to be the defender of the world in the face of Western hegemony and domination.

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