Former US President Donald Trump has been released from Fulton Prison, Georgia, on bail, after he was detained for minutes in the 2020 election fraud case.

Trump turned himself in, Thursday evening, to Fulton Prison, in the election case, ten days after he indicted by a grand jury in the state.

On Thursday evening, a forensic photograph “Mugshot” of Donald Trump, taken inside a prison in the state of Georgia, posted during the brief arrest of the former US president, who denounced a judicial farce and electoral interference.

This mugshot, in which the former president and the current one of the Republican party candidates for 2024 elections, furrows his eyebrows, and stares at the camera, will go down in history as the first forensic photo of a former US president.

Trump denounced a judicial farce after his official arrest Thursday on charges of extortion and conspiracy in Georgia, describing what happened as electoral interference.

“What happened here is a judicial farce,” Trump told NewsMax as he prepared to fly out of Atlanta, after he was briefly stopped and had a forensic photo taken in the Fulton County Jail.

“We didn’t do anything wrong… I did nothing wrong… What they are doing is interference in the elections,” he added.

Trump didn’t specify who he accused of meddling, but he had previously denounced President Joe Biden and other Democrats, claiming that they were obstructing his re-election campaign.

After taking his measurements, the former president was released on bail.

Trump faces 13 criminal charges stemming from his efforts to overturn the 2020 election in the state. Trump will not file a petition at this time.

Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis (D) asked that the 19 defendants in the election interference case be charged immediately after Labor Day.

Trump’s bail is set at $200,000, and the order also sets the rules about Trump’s use of social media and his ability to speak to co-defendants and witnesses about the case.

Eight of the 19 defendants didn’t surrender until late Thursday afternoon, while the prosecutor gave the defendants a deadline of Friday noon EST.

Dozens of Trump supporters gathered outside the prison hours before he expected to turn himself in on charges of election fraud.

Earlier, the grand jury in the state of Georgia agreed to file a list of ten counts, a day after hearing witnesses about alleged and illegal attempts by Trump to overturn the outcome of the 2020 elections in this key state, according to a number of US media.

US media footage in an Atlanta courthouse showed packages of documents presented to a judge, but the names of the other defendants or the charges against them weren’t immediately released.

The footage showed the judge signing off on the grand jury’s findings.

This paves the way for the issuance of an indictment against a large number of defendants.

It’s the fourth indictment filed against Trump, 77, this year, which could lead to the first televised trial of a former president in US history that includes charges usually used to bring down mobsters.

The state of Georgia, which President Joe Biden won by less than 12,000 votes in 2020, poses the most serious threat to Trump’s freedom as he seeks the Republican nomination for his 2024 re-election bid.

Moreover, even if elected, Trump in Georgia would have none of the powers that presidents have in the federal system to issue pardons or have plaintiffs drop cases.

Among the facts that are likely to emerge among the accusations is a phone call that Trump made with officials in Georgia, in which he asked them to find the votes that would overturn his defeat against Democrat Biden in the southern state.

The case also potentially exposes the harassment of two poll workers in Fulton County and access to sensitive data from an election office in a rural county south of Atlanta in the aftermath of the 2021 Capitol riot.

A separate private grand jury heard 75 witnesses last year, and submitted a confidential report last February, which recommended many charges.

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