Former US President Barack Obama appears on Wednesday for the first time in the campaign for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who is in a close race with President Donald Trump in crucial states 13 days before the November 3 election.

An Obama aide said the former president, who held the presidency for eight years and was Biden his vice president, will urge supporters to vote early for Biden and other Democratic candidates in the election at an open-air car rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city.

A record number of American voters cast their votes in early voting this year, as their number exceeded 40 million, and this may be due to the fact that voters have fears of congestion on voting day on November 3rd amid the Coronavirus pandemic and want to make sure their votes will arrive in the mail in time. Fitting to be counted.

Trump will travel to North Carolina, another crucial state that polls indicate is in a close race, to stage a campaign rally with his supporters on Wednesday evening.

Obama is a frequent target of Trump’s criticism and remains one of the Democratic Party’s brightest stars, despite nearly four years since he left the White House.

His rare public appearance comes at a critical time, as Biden and Trump meet in their second and final debate on Thursday evening, providing an opportunity for the Republican president to change the course of the race that Biden leads, according to nationwide opinion polls.

Biden campaign manager Jane O’Malley Dillon has warned colleagues and supporters of the Democratic candidate that the race is much closer than opinion polls in 17 states indicate.

“As President Obama said, this is a period in which all assistance is required and he is looking forward to participating in the election campaign in person and with observance of social distancing, with less than two weeks remaining until the most important elections in our life,” said the Obama aide, who asked not to be named.

Biden believes he must win his home state of Pennsylvania, which Democrats narrowly lost to Trump in the 2016 election, and he has visited more than any other state during the campaign.

Trump has made recent gains in the state, according to poll statistics published on Monday, which showed Biden a 49-45 percent lead over Trump, which is less than a week ago.

“If we win in Pennsylvania, we will win,” Trump said Tuesday.

Funds available for Trump’s campaign have fallen by a large margin over Biden’s campaign, falling to $ 63 million at the end of September after spending about 139 million during the month, according to a disclosure presented to the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday evening.

These disclosures also showed that the Biden campaign had by the end of September 177 million dollars, after receiving about 218 million during the month, which is nearly three times the 81 million raised by the Trump campaign.

The countdown to Election Day comes amid the increasing number of new cases of Coronavirus in the country and the number of people who need to be hospitalized due to their disease in competitive states, including North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan.

Polls show a majority of voters are upset with the way Trump has handled the pandemic, which he has repeatedly said will go away on its own.

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