Nikki Haley announces her run for the US presidency election in 2024


US Republican politician, and former US envy to UN security Council Nikki Haley announced her candidacy for the next presidential race in the United States, scheduled for 2024.

Haley, who previously held the position of governor of South Carolina, and the US ambassador to the United Nations under former President Donald Trump, said in a video clip she posted on Twitter, on Tuesday: “I’m Nikki Haley, and I announce my candidacy for the presidency”.

During the clip, she focused on her history as a daughter of South Carolina, her work as state governor and US ambassador to the United Nations in the Trump administration.

“The Washington establishment has failed us time and time again,” Haley added, before calling for a new generation of leadership.

By her decision, Haley competed with Donald Trump for the position of the Republican Party candidate in the upcoming US elections.

Hailey is an Asian-American politician who belongs to the Republican Party, and is the first woman to serve as governor of South Carolina at the age of 43.

Last November, Trump confirmed his candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections, by submitting his candidacy papers to the Federal Elections Authority.

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