Newsweek: The United States has gave Ukraine a last chance


According to report posted by Newsweek quoting a professor at the University of London, Rob Singh, opinions may fluctuate and change according to the amount of European contribution to supporting Kiev, as local critics are likely to begin to question Washington’s leadership role in providing assistance if countries are seen NATO as providing insufficient support or divided over Ukraine.

Michael Clarke, a professor at King’s College London, added that Kiev should take certain steps to continue receiving support, pointing to the current signs of possible reluctance to continue, which is in fact just an expression of the fact that Kiev shouldn’t only continue to fight this year. It also marks a critical turning point on the battlefield, which somehow clearly changes the dynamics in its favor.

Clark added that this is a rather difficult task for the Ukrainian military.

Russia has repeatedly indicated that NATO aims for confrontation, and has expressed concern about the build-up of its forces in Europe.

Moscow has warned that Western military aid won’t bode well for Ukraine and will only prolong the conflict, and that arms transfers will become legitimate targets for the Russian military.

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