Newsweek: Here’s what will happen during the first 24 hours in case of open war between Israel and Hezbollah


According to Newsweek magazine article which talked about dealing with the statements of Eran Etzion, former deputy head of the Israeli National Security Council, where he pointed out that Israel may suffer defeat within the first 24 hours of any conflict with Hezbollah, due to the magnitude of the destruction expected in sensitive areas inside Israel, a destruction they have never seen before.

Etzion expressed concerns as efforts to cease fire in Gaza faltered, saying Israel was preparing to face a stronger enemy in Lebanon, a conflict that could cause widespread destruction.

He added that the current scenario, where tension and violent rhetoric are increasing, could lead to a dangerous escalation of the situation.

Newsweek cited warnings from former Israeli officials about the current escalation, suggesting that a military escalation with Hezbollah, which has a long history of conflicts with Israel, could take the region into an uncertain and unstable future.

Etzion, who was deputy head of the National Security Council during the 2006 Lebanon War and head of policy planning in Israel’s Foreign Ministry under Netanyahu, made it clear that victory in any new war with Hezbollah seems very difficult, if not impossible.

IDF sources confirmed to the magazine that Hezbollah possesses about 200,000 rockets, as well as mortars, drones, surface-to-air missiles, anti-tank missiles, and other weapons.

Many of these weapons are ready for use on the battlefield, the sources said, noting that Hezbollah has launched a more sophisticated border war than ever before, and that it has succeeded in destroying a battery of Israel’s Iron Dome system for the first time.

Shmuel Meir, former head of the arms control branch of the IDF’s Strategic Planning Department, warned that any large-scale attack or invasion of Lebanon would be met with a strong response from Hezbollah with massive rocket attacks on Haifa and Tel Aviv.

Doron Avital, a former commander of the elite Sayert Metkal unit, also expressed his refusal to fight a war in Lebanon without US support, noting that US support would be crucial because any limited military operation could deteriorate into a broader conflict that would attract other factions of the Iran-backed axis of resistance.

On the Iranian side, the Iranian mission to the United Nations told Newsweek that it doesn’t give any consideration to the statements of some Israeli officials who threaten to launch a ground offensive in southern Lebanon.

The mission noted that Netanyahu, despite his attempts to widen the scope of the conflict, knows full well that he will face an even greater defeat against Hezbollah, especially after their failure to confront Hamas.

The mission stressed that Hizballah’s strength is sufficient to defend Lebanon independently without the need for direct Iranian intervention.

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