Large number of Americans who didn’t vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election are confirming their admiration for him and their intention to vote for him in next year’s election, The New York Times reported on Monday.

Some accurate opinion polls have shown that the rate of satisfaction with the president’s performance, a measure different from the president’s personal popularity, has increased to the highest level in the Trump presidential term.

The New York Times said the situation in the 2016 election no longer exists today.

Millions of Americans who Trump didn’t like four years ago now love him.

Overall, his personal popularity has increased by about 10% among registered voters since Election Day in 2016, to 44% from 34% estimated.

However, the newspaper pointed out that this increase with Trump’s support since 2016 and the possibility of continuing the rate, doesn’t mean that he is the most likely to win the next election, the rate of satisfaction with his performance is still less than 50%, and has not exceeded so far.

The Democrats were on the verge of winning the 2016 election, so any change today by asking a better candidate or a higher turnout of African Americans could be enough to win the election.

The US media has said in this context that Michelle, wife of former US President Barack Obama, may be the only democracy, capable of defeating Trump.

But Obama has confirmed that she won’t fight the US presidential battle for 2020, and said according to “Newsweek” that “sitting behind the table in the Oval Office will never be among the things that I want”.

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