Netanyahu’s account on social media is being hacked!


A hacking group on Wednesday continued its series of attempts to break into Israeli targets on the Internet, saying it was targeting the Jewish state in particular on Independence Day.

The group, called “Anonymous Sudan,” claims on the Telegram that it attacked a number of Israeli news outlets, government websites and political pages on the Internet, according to the Times of Israel newspaper on its website.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Facebook page was briefly attacked and flooded with Quran verses, but soon returned to normal.

The group Anonymous Sudan claimed that it hacked the official website of the Prime Minister, although it may have been referring to his Facebook page.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the Facebook hack was linked to the Anonymous Sudan hackers.

The Anonymous Sudan group had said earlier, Wednesday, that it would only target Israeli websites throughout the day, adding on Telegram: “Today we will focus entirely on Israel because of their celebration of the occupation of Palestine”.

Earlier today, Wednesday, websites of the Israeli Ports Company and Haifa Port were disrupted, as a result of a cyberattack, and Israeli media said that the Anonymous Sudan hacker group attacked a series of Israeli websites.

The Anonymous Sudan hacker group succeeded in disabling dozens of important Israeli websites during the past days, and the number of electronic attacks targeting vital institutions inside Israel increased, after the recent Israeli attacks, especially on al Aqsa Mosque.

Earlier, Israeli media announced, last Monday, that the official website of the Mossad and the Israeli National Insurance website have collapsed after they were apparently subjected to electronic attacks by Sudanese hackers.

The Israeli Maariv newspaper reported that the group of hackers, Anonymous Sudan, announced that it had attacked the Mossad website and the Israeli National Insurance website, and wrote on its Telegram that this attack is preparation for a major attack.

The websites of Israeli post offices and banks had been subjected to a cyberattack.

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