Netanyahu warns of a terrible danger approaching Israel due to the refusal of military service within the army


The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned of the expansion of the phenomenon of refusing military service in protest against his plan to reform the judiciary, considering that this represents a terrible danger to Israel.

Netanyahu said in statements from the British capital, London, where he’s on a political visit, bringing in to the refusal of military service is a terrible danger for Israel, according to the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

He added, “I demand that the military establishment take a strong position against refusing to serve… Israel cannot continue without its army”.

Netanyahu’s statements come against the background of the announcement by dozens of pilots in the reserve that they will not attend their scheduled training next week.

On the same context, Israeli security minister, Yoav Gallant, informed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he would vote against the draft judicial amendments.

Gallant told his associates that there is no awareness of the difficult security situation in the prime minister’s circle.

Israeli media spoke about Galant’s letter to Netanyahu regarding the completion of the draft judicial amendments, in which he warned that these amendments will be a decisive point in the army, which will deteriorate into a dangerous slide.

Lior Keinan, the Knesset affairs correspondent for the Israeli Channel 13, said that the Minister of Security responded on Saturday to Netanyahu’s request to postpone his statement.

Galant is expected to announce publicly, next week, through a clear message to Netanyahu, and without connection to supporting or opposing the draft judicial amendments, to the effect that completing the legislation will be a decisive point in the army, which will deteriorate into a dangerous slide, as long as the step is prepared, in the public appointed, and whoever serves in the reserve, is unilateral from the ruling coalition.

In another context, Yedioth Ahronoth reported that the prime minister’s son, Yair Netanyahu, shared a tweet on Twitter that echoes a conspiracy theory.

According to Netanyahu’s son who shared a tweet quoting an American with conspiracy theories, saying that “the US State Department is trying to topple the Netanyahu administration, apparently in favor of an agreement with Iran, and the congress should react immediately”.

In the tweet shared by Netanyahu’s son: “The US State Department is behind the protests in Israel, with the aim of toppling Netanyahu, apparently in order to achieve an agreement with the Iranians… Is there a Shin Bet in this country???”

This isn’t the first time that Netanyahu’s son used Twitter in order to pass conspiratorial messages.

Last month, he said that the Shin Bet security service is involved in the coup against the prime minister, and later deleted the tweet.

Thousands of settlers are participating in demonstrations for the eleventh week in a row, in protest against the plan for judicial amendments in the Netanyahu government.

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