Netanyahu rejects calls for elections as thousands demonstrate in Tel Aviv to demand his ouster


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday rejected the idea of ​​holding early elections, at a time when thousands of Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv to participate in an anti-government protest.

Opinion polls show a decline in Netanyahu’s popularity since the attack launched by Hamas on October 7, which sparked a devastating war in Gaza.

Anti-government protests largely calmed down during the war after rocking the country for much of 2023, but demonstrators again took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday evening to demand early elections.

Local media reported that the demonstrators, who numbered a few thousand, were far fewer than the participants in the massive protests that took place last year.

When asked during a press conference about calls within the ruling Likud Party to hold early elections immediately after the end of the war in Gaza, Netanyahu said, “The last thing we need now is elections and dealing with elections, because they will divide us immediately… We need unity now”.

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