NBC News: A mysterious balloon is flying over the US


NBC News quoted three US officials as saying that the military was tracking a mysterious balloon that had flown over US soil.

According to US officials, the nature of the balloon, or to whom it belongs, is unknown.

Officials said the balloon had flown past parts of Hawaii, but did not pass over any sensitive areas.

According to one of the officials, the US military has been tracking the balloon since late week, and has classified it as not posing any threat to air traffic or national security, nor is it sending any signals.

The US official did not rule out the possibility of the army dropping the balloon if it approached the ground, explaining that it is unknown the purpose of use.

Officials indicated that the flying object was unable to maneuver and was moving slowly toward Mexico, and that they did not believe it belonged to the Chinese.

It is worth noting that last February, the US military shot down a balloon over the Atlantic Ocean that the Chinese allegedly used to gather intelligence.

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