The Polish Mysl Polska newspaper said on Saturday, that the bombings of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, carried out by Washington, mean an US war on Europe.

For all Europeans, the bombings, carried out by American, Norwegian and British terrorists, are the first shot in America’s all-out war against Europe.

The attacks, which targeted the Nord Stream pipeline for exporting Russian gas to Europe, took place on September 26, and the authorities in Germany, Sweden and Denmark said that they didn’t rule out that what happened was deliberate sabotage.

Mysl Polska explained that one of the important reasons for this sabotage is the strengthening of Central Europe’s economic dependence on liquefied natural gas supplies from the United States, as well as the invasion of the nuclear technologies market.

Washington seeks to resume the nuclear arms race, which will lead to the loss of the status of a nuclear-weapon-free zone on the part of Central Europe.

The Mysl Polska newspaper expected that the Suez Canal or the new Nicaragua Canal, which Beijing plans to build, would become a next target for US attacks, given that Washington considers Beijing a major competitor to it.

In February, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh published an article presenting the findings of his own investigation into the Nord Stream bombings.

Hersh stated that this sabotage was carried out by the United States with the support of its NATO allies, noting that during the Baltops military exercises last summer, American divers mined Russian pipelines.

After 3 months, the Norwegian side detonated these bombs.

Hersh confirmed that the decision to conduct this operation was taken personally by US President Joe Biden, after 9 months of secret discussions with US security experts.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United States of sabotaging the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

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