Military Watch newspaper specializing in military affairs, reported that the conflict between Israel and Hamas will have a major impact on the outcome of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

According to Military Watch, “As Ukrainian flags, which were displayed throughout the West as a sign of solidarity, begin to be replaced by Israeli flags, a Hamas attack could seriously undermine Kiev’s ability to continue the fight”.

It’s noted that the decline in Western interest in Ukraine is increasing against the backdrop of the failure of the counterattack launched by the Ukrainian forces, as the Ukrainian forces have been making failed attempts to penetrate the Russian defenses for months, and Kiev’s losses are estimated at tens of thousands.

The escalation of the conflict in the Middle East coincided with growing contradictions in America over aid to Ukraine, meaning that the West, which is fed up with Volodymyr Zelensky, has room to maneuver.

Military Watch indicated that, at a time when Kiev’s victory has become far-fetched, redirecting aid to Israel will provide the West with an opportunity to save face by reducing its investments in the conflict, and forcing Kiev to return to the negotiating table.

The conflict between the Palestinian Hamas movement and the Israeli forces reached an unprecedented escalation after Hamas launched, at dawn last Saturday, Operation al Aqsa Flood, in which thousands of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel, and its forces stormed Israeli settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip.

Israel responded to the Hamas attack by launching Operation Iron Swords, threatening Hamas to pay a heavy price for its attack.

The office of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced that the mini-security ministerial cabinet officially approved the start of a war on the Gaza Strip, and it was decided to authorizing the army to carry out broad military operations.

Hamas was able to capture an unknown number of Israelis, including soldiers and officers, and return them to the Gaza Strip, while the Israeli Channel 12 reported that thousands of rockets were fired at Israel, while dozens of terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory, while launching Israeli aircraft launched violent raids on Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip.

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