Military Watch: Russian missiles destroyed hundreds of tons of munitions paralyzing the Ukrainian counterattack


The Military Watch magazine indicated that the Russian air strikes on Ukrainian military facilities make it difficult for the Ukrainian forces to carry out a counterattack.

Foreign military analysts pointed out the effectiveness of the strikes launched by the Russian armed forces on military facilities in Ukraine.

As a result, it will be difficult for the Ukrainian forces to conduct active offensive operations in the area of ​​the special military operation.

According to the magazine, on May 1, Russian forces managed to destroy a railway train with a shipment of ammunition for the armed forces weighing up to 200 tons.

Military Watch added that as a result of the attack on Ukrainian warehouses in Pavlograd, at least two squadrons of S-300 missiles were destroyed, as well as Ukrainian Grom-2 tactical ballistic missiles.

The third strike destroyed the ammunition depot of the Ukrainian 127th Mechanized Brigade in the Kharkiv region.

Moreover, the missile strikes carried out after several Ukrainian arms manufacturers destroyed on the night of April 30.

“These attacks come against the backdrop of reports that the Ukrainian army is increasingly running short of ammunition, especially for air defense, and this may soon deprive the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the ability to provide protection against air attack on the front line”.

“As a result, the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to suffer heavy losses on the front line… On April 29, the Ukrainian army and foreign mercenaries lost 575 people in just one day in the Donetsk direction, and on May 1, it was reported that 330 Ukrainian servicemen were killed there”.

The Polish chief of staff, Raimund Andrzejczak, warned that in the last week of April, Ukraine was in a much worse position to conduct military operations.

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