Mia Khalifa call for help Syria after the devastating earthquake


The harsh US sanctions, which increased the situation of Syria facing the consequences of the devastating earthquake, prompted a famous former porn star to demand the support of the Syrians.

The former porn star Mia Khalifa appealed to the world to extend a helping hand to support Syria after the devastating earthquake that shook the northern regions of it at dawn on Monday, killing thousands of people, in addition to injuring hundreds of thousands of them.

The American, of Lebanese origin, posted a series of videos through her official Instagram account, in which she called for strengthening aid specifically for Syria, especially as it is subject to international sanctions that prevent the arrival of international aid and exacerbate the severity of the situation.

Four Syrian cities were hit by a devastating earthquake centered in the Turkish city of Kahramanmaras, with a magnitude of 7.8, at dawn on Monday after 4:00 am local time.

The devastating earthquake revealed the tragic humanitarian situation in a country that has suffered over the past 12 years from a fierce war and an economic blockade that has exacerbated its crises.

“It’s freezing there (Syria), snow is falling on them, people under the rubble can’t get out, and Syria is under sanctions,” Khalifa said in the video on Instagram, which has more than 27 million followers.

She added, “Türkiye receives aid from the European Union and the United States… As for Syria, its subject to severe sanctions, so whoever helps it”.

Many on socialmedia interacted with Mia Khalifa’s appeal to support Syria and Türkiye the victims of the devastating earthquake.

Many recalled Mia Khalifa’s role in supporting her home country, Lebanon, after the Beirut Port explosion disaster, on August 2020 when she offered her glasses for sale on eBay in order to support the victims for half a million dollars.

Khalifa called, via video, for everyone to donate and stand with Lebanon, as she said “Participate, donate, or do anything, because the Lebanese government is powerless”.

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