The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, congratulated the “Anglo-Saxon friends” in the West, presenting to them his expectations at the global level for the New Year.

Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel.

“Before the new year, everyone loves to make predictions, many give future hypotheses, and compete to suggest the most unexpected and even ridiculous things. We’ll also make our contribution”.

The diplomat presented a list of 10 items in which he expected what would happen in the world next year.

The list of “what could happen in 2023” is as follows.

  1. Increasing oil prices to $150 per barrel, and gas to $5,000 per thousand cubic meters.
  2. Britain’s return to the European Union.
  3. The collapse of the European Union after the return of Britain, and the abolition of the circulation of the Euro as the currency of the European Union.
  4. Poland and Hungary took over the western regions of the former Ukraine.
  5. The establishment of the Fourth Reich on the basis of Germany, and the allied countries that joined it (Poland, the Baltic states, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, the Kyiv Republic, and other untouchables).
  6. A war between France and the Fourth Reich.
  7. The partition of Europe, including the new partition of Poland.
  8. Separation of Northern Ireland from Britain and joining the Republic of Ireland.
  9. An American civil war, the secession of California and Texas into two independent states, the creation of the union state of Texas and Mexico, and the subsequent victory of Elon Musk in the US presidential elections in some states designated for Republicans after the civil war.
  10. Transferring all major stock markets and financial activity from the United States and Europe to Asia.
  11. The collapse of the Bretton Woods financial system, including the collapse of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
  12. The US dollar and the Euro will no longer be a global reserve currencies.
  13. The gold standard will return, and the transition to the active use of digital currencies.

Medvedev ended his 2023 prediction by saying, “Finally, Happy New Year to the Anglo-Saxon friends and their happy pigs!”

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