Marjorie Taylor Greene, a member of the US House of Representatives, stated that US financial aid to Ukraine leads to the financing of Nazism.

Greene wrote on X, “I vote against sending money to Zelensky to fund the Nazis in Ukraine”.

She also stressed that members of the US Congress should “focus on America, not Ukraine”.

She said, “The Americans aren’t only paying the bill for military aid to Ukraine, but we are paying for almost everything”.

“We don’t even have 19,000 Border Patrol agents defending our southern border,” she added.

Earlier, Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote that the United States is sending money to Ukraine instead of helping Americans.

“Since last year, the number of homeless people has increased by 11%, and 600,000 Americans have become homeless,” she said.

She continued: “Joe Biden wants to allocate $20 billion to Ukraine and $750 million to build housing for illegal immigrants Pedonomics (a portmanteau that combines the name of presidential administration and economics) is a terrible disgrace! Our country is poor”.

She added: “Republicans must unite around the impeachment investigation against Joe Biden”.

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