Macron taking off his precious watch under the table during a television interview sparks widespread controversy


Why French President Emmanuel Macron took off his watch from his wrist during a live television interview on Wednesday?

He bought it from the pensions of the French, and some of them estimated its value at about 80,000 Euros.

Macron took off his watch under the table, when he was answering questions from France 2 and TF1 journalists about the economic crisis in France and the controversial retirement law that caused a massive wave of protests across the country.

For his part, the Elysee denounced promoting false news, and confirmed that the president took off his watch in the middle of the interview after hitting his wrist on the table and making noise during the live broadcast.

French president’s supporters circulated widely, a video in which the sound of the clock is clearly heard knocking on the table a few seconds before his decision to remove it.

The delegation accompanying Emmanuel Macron explained that the President of the Republic wears a Bell & Ross BR V1-92 watch in a special version of it bearing the emblem of the Presidency of the Republic.

He has been wearing it regularly for more than a year and a half, citing photos taken by his official photographer on October 28, 2022 and on various occasions, such as his trips to the United States or Qatar during the FIFA World Cup.

French Liberation newspaper reported that the watch doesn’t cost 80,000 Euros, as reported on social media, as Bell & Rose has partnerships with many institutions, including the army and the security group of the Presidency of the French Republic, noting that there are versions not intended for this watch that cost only 2400 Euro.

This comes in the midst of raging protests in France since the government approved President Emmanuel Macron’s approval of a draft law reforming the retirement age, without referring the final draft to a vote in the National Assembly.

French trade unions have called for new strikes and protests across the country next Tuesday, during an upcoming visit to Britain’s King Charles III.

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