Macron: Syria may participate in the Baghdad conference


The French president Emmanuel Macron announced a scheduled date for the next session of the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership in the Middle East, at the end of next November.

The French president referred to the possibility of Syria participating in this event.

In a speech he delivered to the French ambassadors during their annual meeting in Paris, Macron stated, “The Baghdad conference is scheduled to be held in its third edition during the month of November”.

Macron expressed Syria’s readiness to participate in this conference, stressing the need for countries in the region to call on Damascus to effectively cooperate in efforts to combat terrorism.

Macron indicated that if Syria intends to reintegrate into regional bodies, this must be accompanied by effective cooperation in efforts to combat terrorist groups on Syrian soil and in the entire region.

In this context, he called for the need to provide a political framework that enables the return of refugees to their country, while providing guarantees related to protection and recognition, as well as political and economic security.

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