Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko declared the country’s army and armed forces on high alert, in light of the events that took place in Russia on June 24.

This came during the President’s meeting with the country’s military leaders, where he continued, “I will tell you, it was painful to watch the events that took place in southern Russia… Not only for me, but also for many of our compatriots who were also affected by it, because we are people of one country”.

Lukashenko referred to the desire of the Belarusian opposition abroad to exploit the recent events in Russia, and said, “The fugitives rose up from justice, and strived to prove to their values ​​the existence of at least some results, until they began to publish regular appeals and plans, and expressed their readiness to implement another scenario of armed rebellion”.

Referring to the criticism that has long been leveled at him for his continuous preparation for war during the past 30 years, he said that the result of this is that Belarus today “lives under a peaceful sky”.

Lukashenko stressed that the current generation “is passing a test of its strength, and has the task of saving the world, just like the parents and grandparents”.

He stressed that the supreme responsibility for the fate of the homeland rests with the generals, and continued, “We, as soldiers, are well aware that life in peace is the result of hard daily work, which is not always visible, and requires tremendous efforts, and at times a risk to life”.

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