London spied on Trump on behalf of Obama

Judge Andrew Napolitano has declared on Fox News that it was not the NSA, nor the CIA nor the US FBI that spied on Donald Trump when he was a presidential candidate and then President elect, Rather, it was the British GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters).

The GCHQ is a member of the “Five Eyes” agreement, established on 5 March 1946, as an extension of the Atlantic Charter and the allies’ victory.

The links between the United Kingdom and the Obama Administration are all the more strong given that London funded the beginning of Barack Obama’s presidential electoral campaign.

A number of members of the first Obama administration had been chosen within the Pilgrim’s Society, an organization that shies away from the spotlight and which is chaired by Queen Elizabeth II.

According to Judge Napolitano, the GCHQ transmitted to President Obama the transcripts of the wiretappings from Trump Tower.

In 1974, President Richard Nixon had been forced to resign during the Watergate scandal because he had wire tapped the headquarters of his democratic rival.


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