Lips Language Experts revealed, words which Chinese President Xi Jinping said to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, as he left Moscow on Tuesday evening, after a two-day visit to Russia, during which the two held talks, most of which were related to the war erupting in Ukraine and cooperation between the two countries.

The two presidents appeared in the video, as they come out of an official dinner held by Putin in the Kremlin, and then stand at the main entrance to the Russian government headquarters, where the Chinese president turned towards Putin and spoke to him through an interpreter.

Experts deciphered what he said to the Russian president, and it was published by foreign media.

Among what the Chinese President said to Putin: “A change that has not occurred in 100 years is taking place now, and we are leading this change together”.

Putin pulled his hand and said: “I agree”.

Then Xi Jinping bid him farewell with the words: “Take care of yourself, my dear friend,” while Putin shook his head and wished him a nice trip.

The two leaders signed a series of memorandums and agreements aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation on a number of issues, as the two largest neighbors, and two comprehensive strategic coordination partners for each other.

Russia expressed its readiness to strengthen cooperation with China in the fields of investment, trade, energy, natural gas, peaceful use of nuclear energy, aviation and space, scientific and technological innovation, cross-border transportation as well as logistics,” said Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

The most important thing the two sides discussed are Chinese peace proposals that can be used as a basis for settling the conflict in Ukraine when Kiev and its Western allies are ready for that.


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