The French Le Point magazine said that the countries of the Maghreb, followed the Sahel region, are moving away from Paris more and more, as Morocco no longer has an ambassador to France, and Algeria has banned teaching the French language, which means that French President Emmanuel Macron, if it occurs to him, will officially visit one of the capitals of the Maghreb, it may receive rejection.

Le Point magazine indicated – in a report by Benoit Delmas – that diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Morocco are at their lowest levels, after Rabat politely rejected Paris’s offer of its services and rescuers when the earthquake struck 6 Moroccan regions, preferring Qatar, the UAE, Spain and the United Kingdom in aid diplomacy.

In Algeria, we have just faced a new blow to the fabric of French-Algerian relations due to a decision taken this week, not to prevent the use of the French language in schools, but to prevent French language teaching programs in the private sector, especially with the aim of obtaining the French baccalaureate, after the postponement of… President Abdelmadjid Tebboune’s official visit to Paris several times, which indicates France’s poor relationship with the two Maghreb powers.

Even in Tunisia, the French President ignored the coup led by President Kais Saied in 2021 when he torpedoed the democratic arc of 2011.

Indeed, France closed its eyes and continued to mention Tunisia as a solution to the irregular migration crisis, but the presidential palace in Carthage continues to repeat the word “sovereignty” with its eyes on Moscow and other countries.

BRICS, and Libya is no longer visited after it disintegrated, and it doesn’t seem that the trial of Libyan funds linked to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy will improve the picture, and therefore the road is blocked in every direction.

The Sahel region had passed into the hands of putschists flattered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, which forced Paris to leave and let the jihadists flourish easily.

As for the north, the Maghreb region was no longer in the hands of inexperienced putschists guided by Russia from afar, but the prevailing winds weren’t favorable for France in any case.

The aid crisis broke out because France didn’t like – or more precisely, its media didn’t like – excluding Paris from the list, which is an old, close “friend” with strong relations with Rabat.

Therefore, the French media machine began to aim arrows at Morocco.

On more than one occasion, Macron came out to talk about the Moroccan earthquake, and stressed more than once that his country would provide assistance as soon as Morocco requested it.

He also came out to demand that the crisis not be burdened with what it couldn’t bear, but all indications, despite calls for calm, indicate that the relationship between the Moroccan palace and Macron has reached a dead end.

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