A US move to re-energize the fighting fronts in the south of Syria after information about the import of weapons and a US desire to infiltrate and train Syrian opposition forces in Jordan.

In the meantime, Jordan is again participating in the “Astana” talks in its 13th version as an observer.

In parallel, the crew concerned with the Syrian issue and the cell, which communicates with the Syrian opposition under a “humanitarian” item related to the rights of refugees in Jordan, return to work and activity in the offices of the Jordanian Foreign Ministry.

This comes immediately after more than three months after Jordan decided to stop all imports from Syria.

Amid complaints by representatives of the Syrian industrial sector that they cannot obtain “transit permits” for Jordan allowing them to roam the market to increase Jordanian imports and thus modify the balance between the two countries to satisfy the Jordanian Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The most important new is the emergence of the name of Jordan again after a two-year interruption in reports and statements issued by the Syrian opposition and the US Department of Defense talks about activating and resuming training for military sectors in camps on the border or even inside Jordan.

There has been no official Jordanian denial of the story of the resumption of training in armed camps and the issue of “threats of a sympathetic organization” has returned to form a hotbed of military action at the nearby Al Tanf base, which the Americans said was closed but returned to work.

Some military activities against the Syrian government began to reappear in the depth of the city of Daraa, adjacent to the border with Jordan.

The silence in Amman and even in Damascus on these sharp developments, which practically return to the border before the draft of the reopening of the port of Nasib amid news leaking out of military developments related to the Iranian file prompted military precautions on the Jordanian-Syrian border.

All that the Jordanian government has planned to bet on commercial and reciprocal activity with the Nasib crossing goes to the crossings with Iraq in parallel with unprecedented US political support to push the trade and economic partnership between Iraq and Jordan.

As well as leaks about the return of Americans to build more weapons near the border with Jordan and Syria for the purpose of a preventive strategy against the Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah in southern Syria as part of broader developments in the waters of the Gulf and missile strikes for pro-Iranian rallies deep in Iraq.

The outcome of these new facts on the reality and depth of the border relations between Jordan and Syria means only one central impression, according to the observers, the calm enjoyed by the Jordanians for two years on their border with Syria on its way to change or disappear and the story is rooted in the sharp escalation with Iran.

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