Former White House national security adviser John Bolton said in his book that Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Washington to advance the peace process in Syria and not to trust the Syrian opposition.

In his book, released on Tuesday, about his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin in June 2018, Bolton wrote: “While talking about the Syrian opposition, Putin has strongly insisted that they are our unreliable allies and cannot be trusted for a day. 

He called for strengthening the Syrian peace process instead.

In response, Bolton said that the United States has set its goal of defeating the terrorist organization “ISIS” and the withdrawal of all Iranian forces.

Bolton also mentioned, in his memoirs, about the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin that were not translated at their meeting in the Kremlin in June 2018.

In his book, Bolton said: “Putin has stated with confidence that up to 5,000 local people in the Al Tanf area are in fact ISIS terrorists who are alleged to follow American directives, but then they will betray us when they like to”.

“According to Putin, Russia’s goal was to support the Syrian state in order to prevent chaos, as in the case of Afghanistan,” Bolton said.

Bolton’s book, which takes up his tenure in President Donald Trump’s administration, was launched after some copies of the book were illegally leaked onto the Internet.

These leaks have led to the outrage of Trump, the current president, who described Bolton crazy, while US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called him a traitor.

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