Israel on Monday evening targeted by several missiles several areas in Al Quneitra province in southern Syria without causing any casualties, the Syrian official SANA news agency reported.

The Israeli missiles targeted the ruined hospital of Quneitra by several tank shells, as well as one of the observatories in Jubatta Al Khashab and the area of ​​Tal Al Diriyah, noting that the damages were just material.

Later on, the Syrian news agency quoted additional military sources as saying that “the Israelis, at approximately 18:30 (1630 GMT), targeted Tal Al Dahhur in Jubatta Al Khashab, Tall Al Darya and Khaled hill with several shells.

Israeli warplanes fired four missiles at Al Quneitra hospital and one of the points of the Syrian Army’s maintenance forces and limited the damage to the material”.

From its part The director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Rami Abdul Rahman, said that the “Israeli forces targeted seven artillery shells points of forces of the Syrian Army, including an observatory, which resulted in several casualties” however it was unable to determine their goal.

In the summer of 2018, the Syrian army regained control of the entire southern province of Quneitra, which was dominated by opposition factions that dominated most of them in 2013.

The Golan Heights, which Israel occupies the largest part of, is divided by the disengagement line between the two countries, which are still at war.

The region has been tense since the outbreak of the conflict in 2011, interspersed with the exchange of light weapons and the fall of shells that the Israeli army often responds to.

Since the start of the conflict in Syria in 2011, Israel has repeatedly bombed military targets for the Syrian army, Hezbollah and Iranian fighters in Syria, the last of which was a week ago, according to the Israeli army, the Iranian Intelligence Corps’s stores, intelligence and training centers, ammunition stores and the Damascus International Airport.

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