Israeli official: Netanyahu should conclude a peace agreement with Assad


A member of the Israeli delegation to the Syrian-Israeli peace negotiations, Gideon Biger, called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to send his foreign minister, Eli Cohen, to hold secret meetings with officials of the Syrian government, in order to conclude a peace agreement with Syria and not to miss the opportunity, pointing to the possibility of normalization with the neighboring country, and the gains that both sides will reap.

In an article published by Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Biger believes that the idea is achievable and necessary, and all obstacles can be overcome in exchange for Israeli gains from normalization, and that it is difficult to ignore the intersection of interests between Israel and Assad, suggesting peace with Syria now, indicating that the roots of the conflict with Syria lies in Israel’s occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights, and withdrawal from it’s the key to the solution.

Israel will indeed have to withdraw from the Golan Heights and evacuate about 30,000 settlers from it, although it will be a great shock in Israeli circles.

Biger noted that if a peace agreement is signed with Assad, Syria and Israel will reap many gains, the most important of which is the departure of the Iranians and Russians from Syria, the reconstruction of Syria and the rehabilitation of its economy through the flow of grants from Europe and the United States, the rehabilitation of its regime and the change of its orientations, while the Israeli gains are the removal of the threat.

On the northern front of the Hezbollah militia and the Syrian army, preventing Iran from establishing itself in Syria, and opening the door for Arab regimes to join the settlement, just as peace with Bashar al Assad may win Netanyahu the Nobel Peace Prize and recognition as a prominent statesman.

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