Israeli Military Intelligence Division: Hezbollah doesn’t need precision missiles as Israel is being eroded within


Israeli media quoted the former head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Division, Major General, Amos Yadlin, as asserting that people in Israel feel that the contract between them and the government has been violated.

Yadlin explained, in an interview with the Israeli Channel 12, that people feel that they sacrificed their loved ones and gave their lives, while Israel is heading to a bad place.

Reserve Major General Amos Yadlin pointed to the great impact imposed by the Palestinian commando operations on the awareness of the occupation and its settlers, considering that “the Palestinian incentive to carry out operations has always existed, but there are Palestinian resistance fighters of another kind”.

Yadlin added, “They get up in the morning after inciting them on social networks, with a lot of weapons in the field, with a lot of money in the field, and in many cases they aren’t caught until after the clash, and this is too late”.

He continued, stressing that “there is no magic solution here for the Palestinian operations… The real security problems of national security do not appear on our screens in Israel”.

Yadlin asked the occupation officers and officials, “How do they deal with the fact that the Israeli deterrence has been damaged,” noting that Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah is calling the State of Israel a “Spider net”, noting that Hezbollah doesn’t need to develop precision missiles, because we are being eroded from within”.

Reserve Major General Amos Yadlin, who held the position of head of Israeli Military Intelligence Division concluded his criticism of Israeli politicians and the government, saying, “We now have people in the government cheering and encouraging divisions instead of being preoccupied with Iran and Hezbollah… We’re setting fires here, in addition to the danger of Palestinian operations that we must stop”.

These statements come at a time of increasing doubts in the Israeli military and security institutions regarding the entity’s ability to confront further internal and external escalation, following an increase in the ability of the Palestinians to carry out painful operations to deter the Israeli occupation from its attacks.

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