Israeli media reveals what are the targets which the last Israeli attack on Syria targeted


Details revealed from Israel that the Israeli bombardment of the Syrian capital, Damascus, unfold successively on Sunday morning, targeted Iranians targets along with other targets.

The details revealed by Israeli military source, that the reason behind the Israeli attack was that Israel obtained information indicating that electronic air defense systems had been loaded within the aid destined for Damascus.

Another information indicated that there was a meeting of Iranians officers for establishing the Iranian air defense infrastructure in Syria, behind the Iranian school building in Damascus at the basement of the targeted building in Kafr Souseh neighborhood.

The Israeli bombing on Syria targeted 4 targets:

  1. The meeting headquarters of so called Unit 840 of the Iranian Quds Force near the Intelligence Division building in Kafr Souseh.
  2. A warehouse at the Jamal Plaza Hotel in the Sayeda Zeinab area.
  3. A radar site in Tal al Masih in Al Suwayda province.
  4. A Syrian Air defense battalion (Brigade 75) in al Kiswah, southern countryside of Damascus.
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