The tension between Russia and Israel has escalated in the wake of the aggressive operations in which the IDF air force recently took responsibility for what it said were targets of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria.

The political correspondent of the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, Itamar Eichner, quoted political sources as high-ranking in the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned several times last week, Tel Aviv’s ambassador to Moscow, Jerry Koren, In addition, the sources stressed, Russian decision-makers asked him to convey a sharp message to the Israeli government that Moscow could no longer tolerate Israeli air strikes against various targets within Syrian territory.

The sources pointed out the same, as reported by the Hebrew, which said the report by the “Russian threat” to the Russians kept the secret of the reprimand of the ambassador and ask him to deliver the message, but sources in the Israeli Foreign Ministry, added the newspaper, confirmed the same, pointing at the same time that The relations between Tel Aviv and Moscow are witnessing a serious and tangible decline recently.

To prove this, Russian President Vladimir Putin refused to hold a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, despite Netanyahu’s intensive efforts to meet with Putin, Confirmed the Issued by the same Hebrew newspaper.

The sources also stressed that after the feeling that the Russian-Israeli diplomatic crisis was on its way out, the official spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, told the media that her country calls on the occupation entity to stop the irrational, arbitrary and disproportionate attacks on Syrian territory, to the extent Expression.

It is noteworthy that the crisis between the two countries broke out in September last year after the fall of a Russian spy plane near the Syrian city of Latakia, where Moscow blamed Tel Aviv responsibility for dropping it, and confirmed that the Israeli Air Force planes hid behind the Russian plane premeditated And deliberately, which led to injuries by the Syrian air defenses, and although Israel sent military missions to Moscow to absolve itself of responsibility, but the Russian side refused to accept the Israeli claims, is still until this moment insists that Israel is responsible His only shot down the Russian Il20, killing all its crew members.

The Russian foreign ministry called on Israel on Wednesday to desist from launching attacks on Syrian territory after Israel’s recent violent attacks on Iranian positions. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters that the practice of launching surprise attacks on the territory A sovereign state, in this case Syria, as she put it.

“We must prevent the transformation of Syria, which has suffered over the past years of armed conflict, into an arena for achieving geopolitical goals”, Zakharova said.

On Sunday night, Israel carried out attacks on Syrian territory, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which killed 21 people, six of them government forces and Syrian armed loyalists, as well as 15 elements of non-Syrian nationalities, including at least 12 Revolutionary Guard And described the bombing as “the most extensive and violent” against the Syrian Arab Army and its allies.

In the same context, the opposition in the Hebrew state used the deterioration of Russian-Israeli relations to attack Netanyahu, where the Hebrew newspaper quoted the head of the “Yesh Atid” party (there is a future), MP Yair Lapid saying that the chatter of the Israeli prime minister pushed the Russians to come out against him in everything related to Syria, Former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said that Netanyahu broke and destroyed the policy of mistrust from political standpoints, which restricted the freedom of activity for the Israeli army, she said.

In addition, the newspaper quoted the Israeli security and military sources described as high-level in Tel Aviv, quoted by saying that the Israeli intelligence has reached a complete conviction, based on confidential information, confirms that Russia has become a protection of elements of Hezbollah, and what it called the Iranian militias in Syrian.

The newspaper said in an article published by military commentator Alex Fishman, that Moscow gives the forces of Hezbollah umbrella by allowing them to raise Russian flags, and also calls for Israel to meet with them for the purpose of reaching understandings on Syria, as he put it.

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