Iraq: Tigris river is in danger, suffocating water crisis

Iraqi official and civilian bodies sounded alarmed by the water crisis in the Tigris River, expressing anger at what they called «Turkish and Iranian practices,» calling for urgent intervention.

The Iraqi Minister of Water Resources, Hasan Al Janabi, said that the Turkish government began filling the Ilısu Dam, which was established on the Tigris River, which was observed directly on the river on the Iraqi side, low water level.

The minister said that «Iraq will meet with Turkish officials in November next in the city of Mosul to review the agreement and consider it according to new data».

Video footage of the Tigris River’s low water levels in the cities of Baghdad and Mosul showed unprecedented progress that it was possible to cross the river on foot after the Turkish government announced the start of the filling of the Ilısu dam, which was built on the river’s source in Turkish territory.

On the river on the Iraqi side and the low level of its water.

In the meantime, the Iranian authorities cut the water of the «small Zab» from the province of Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdistan region of Iraq again, causing a crisis for the water project in the district of Qala’a Daza province.

According to the declaration of the Directorate of dams in the Kurdistan region, the Iranian action caused the crisis of providing drinking water.

For his part, announced the Iraqi parliament speaker Salim Jubouri, Saturday, an emergency session today to discuss the water crisis, noting that the meeting will be held in the presence of three ministers.

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