Iran’s military capabilities to stand against any possible attacks


Iran has recently witnessed the discovery of a number of new weapons, which Tehran believes contribute to raising Iran’s deterrence capacity against any potential threats to its territory or nuclear facilities.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly threatens to launch a military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, on the pretext of preventing it from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Last Thursday, Netanyahu said that “the Iranian threat, globally, is 50 times greater than the North Korean threat”.

Netanyahu reiterated that “Israel won’t allow Iran to position itself near the Israeli borders,” referring to the Syrian and Lebanese lands, stressing that Israel will do its utmost to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons.

For his part, Israeli Security Minister Yoav Gallant revealed that Iran has made great progress in the Iranian nuclear program.

Gallant said, “Iran has accumulated enriched materials in various proportions sufficient to make 5 nuclear bombs… Israel will act in any way to prevent Iran from reaching the nuclear threshold”.

In this report, we monitor how Iran is preparing militarily for any possible attack on it:

Last April, the Iranian army unveiled 1,084 types of equipment and weapons that were produced for the first time or reproduced by the army’s ground forces.

Among these equipment and armaments is the new 10×10 kian 800 tank carrier that can transport heavy armored equipment and simulate a 30 mm grenade launcher with the ability to raise the level of training and skill of the shooting crew, and the “Jangal Arash” integrated system in order to equip the rapid reaction forces.

Offensive mobile for surveillance and interception missions, the communications jamming system for the “Muhajer 6” UAV, the tactical control vehicle, the means of communication for creating a mobile communications station, the tactical cellular system with the ability to create coverage of a mobile communication network, and the air defense system called “Shahid Majeed”.

The unveiling revealed equipment and weapons in the areas of armor, artillery, missiles, drones, helicopters, and others, including the Diamond missile, the Qaem bomb, the “Dehlavieh 2” anti-tank missile, 3 night vision camera systems, the Shafak missiles installed on a helicopter, and missile systems. Fatah 360, smart and accurate bullets, heavy and above heavy armored vehicles “Kian 700 Plus”, “Sahand 3” missile, “Methaq” missile, air defense systems for mobile assault units, 155 mm cannons.

The Iranian Ministry of Defense revealed a “SATEP” laser weapon, which aims to defend sensitive sites in the country.

The “SATEB” system is the achievement and production of the Iranian defense industries in the field of laser weapons, and today it is responsible for protecting and guarding sensitive and vital places and sites in the country.

There are only 6 countries in the world that have the ability to manufacture laser weapons, including Iran.

The Iranian Defense Industries Group was able to design and manufacture laser weapon systems for “short-range” air defense in order to defend the country’s vital facilities, as the first prototypes of this technology were completed two years ago and were developed after that.

One of the most important features of this defense system is the high speed in the face of hostile targets such as marches and cruise missiles.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy announced that it will acquire, in the near future, an aircraft carrier that has no similar model in the world.

It will have the ability to carry aircraft and carry a number of missile launchers inside.

It will be able to carry out missions autonomously at ranges of more than 5,500 nautical miles.

It also enjoys special technology due to its tasks in rough seas, at a time when this battleship is characterized by the best performance and high efficiency in carrying out military operations.

Last February, Tehran unveiled an underground air base called “Oqab 44”, which is the first of its kind whose area is large enough to handle combat aircraft.

The Iranian News Agency stated that the “Oqab 44” base is capable of storing and operating fighters, bombers and drones to launch surprise attacks and long-range operations.

The base is fortified in the mountains, as it is designed to counter bunker-buster bombs possessed by the United States.

The base is considered one of the most important bases of the Iranian Air Force, pointing out that it is built at a depth of hundreds of meters, and it houses fighters equipped with long-range cruise missiles.

Last year, the Iranian Navy announced the production of the first drone carrier, of various types of modern and advanced drones that were produced by Iranian hands.

For the first time, combat marches were launched from the Iranian-made submarines “Fateh” and the “Kilo-class Tariq” submarine, and they flew into space.

The Iranian army said that this tanker will increase its defense capabilities in all fields.

Last month, Iran unveiled a new domestically manufactured “Kaman 22” drone, with a range of more than 3,000 kilometers, capable of reaching Israel.

According to reports, the drone is a multi-purpose vehicle with strategic capabilities, in addition to the aircraft being able to fly at an altitude of eight kilometers and a flight time of more than 24 hours.

The drone can carry four guided missiles, two unguided bombs, and additional ammunition, and is very similar to the US’s MQ-1 Predator.

Iran said that the new drones have new combat, optical and electronic systems.

The Aerospace Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard confirmed in late 2022 that it had manufactured, for the first time, a hypersonic ballistic missile.

According to statements by Iran’s military leaders, this new missile can penetrate all missile defense systems, and technology capable of confronting it will not be found for decades to come.

The hypersonic missile flies at speeds of more than 6,000 kilometers per hour, or 5 times the speed of sound.

This missile targets enemy anti-missile systems and poses a challenge to radar designers because of its high speed and maneuverability.

In response to the Israeli threats, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi affirmed on Friday that “the threats made by the enemy are sometimes empty, and are not based on any basis of force”.

Raisi said, in an interview that Iran has declared several times that if the Zionist entity takes the least step against Iran, our first step will be like removing it, stressing that Israel’s first foolishness and step will be its last step, and it won’t Something remains in the name of occupation.

He added, “They know that we are serious, because in the first moments of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s response, the Zionist entity won’t stand firm, and the Zionist entity, whether in the thirty-three days war (Lebanon), or in the wars of the twenty-two days and the eleven days (Gaza Strip) faced a complete failure, so how does he want to confront Iran?

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