The Iranian Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement Friday that Iran has “undeniable evidence” that the American plane that was dropped Thursday “was in Iranian airspace”, contrary to what Washington confirms.

Iran’s deputy foreign minister for political affairs Abbas Araghji told the Swiss ambassador in Tehran on Friday that Iran’s “strong protest” against the US government was in a telephone conversation.

“There is undeniable evidence that the plane was in Iranian airspace,” Araghji told Swiss Ambassador in Tehran in the phone call.

“Some of its wreckage (the flying plane) has been found in Iran’s territorial waters”, Araghji said.

“The American move was not the first of its kind, but was preceded by several other cases”, he said, calling for US forces to respect the airspace and territorial waters of the Islamic Republic of Iran and their full commitment to international resolutions.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran does not call for war and engagement” in the region, the Iranian foreign minister said, warning of “any unwitting step by US forces”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is firmly working to defend its airspace, water and soil and will not hesitate in that moment”, he said.

“The Swiss ambassador said in this phone call that he will immediately inform the US government of this matter”, the foreign ministry statement said.

“He asked the Swiss ambassador to attend the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry in Tehran to see more details of the incident”.

The United States is trying to create a state of “phobia from Iran”, Defense Minister Amir Hatemi was quoted by the official IRNA news agency as saying on Friday.

“There are complex and suspicious conditions in the region.

It seems that all this is in line with a general policy to create a state of phobia from Iran and create a state of consensus against the Islamic Republic”.

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