Iran is the third country in the world today to approach US territorial waters after Russia and China, a major strategic and military challenge.

Military experts have asked questions about whether Iran has developed a multi-branched military force, Of its missile power.

Over the past few years, the Iranian Navy has prevented US warships from approaching its territorial waters and reached interceptor aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt in the Gulf in September last year with speedboats and a warning to its leadership to be wary of going to war.

In a military surprise, the Iranian Navy announced the dispatch of a warship to the West Atlantic in March to be concentrated for weeks near the US territorial waters, according to international media reported, will send a sophisticated destroyer has a system of counter-military and e-war.

The announcement Friday to send the destroyer, “Sahand” backed by a ship near the US territorial waters, which constitutes a real challenge by Iran, especially if it actually carried out.

If Iran proceed with this move, it will be the third anti-US state after World War II to send a military ship near US waters after the Soviet Union (Russia) and China.

The Iranian challenge is to stay on the high seas for a long time and in a sensitive area without relying on any logistic support port except for the possibility of landing in Venezuela, and then approaching the “lion den” near the United States.

Iran is accustomed to implementing its military plans, which makes the experts believe the statements of the leaders of Tehran, but they wonder about the real strength of the Iranian military navy, Iran has demonstrated the development of missile industry and imposed a new military reality in the Middle East, including restraining Israel through Hezbollah Which made Tel Aviv dare not attack since the 2006 war, and believes that Iran has already developed a large and sophisticated naval force.

The Iranian destroyer will be under the control of the US Navy all the time.

The US Navy can isolate the Iranian destroyer on the high seas, but the Pentagon fears an Iranian reaction against US military bases and warships in the Gulf states and its waters.

Washington has threatened Iran with war many times.

Iran has provoked US military forces on more than one occasion, but the Pentagon has been careful.

The White House, including current President Donald Trump, known for its sudden decisions, avoids threatening Iran directly.

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