In coordination with Russia, with the arrival of Kurdish forces .. The Syrian army is preparing to liberate Idlib

A military source informed that “the Syrian military operation in Idlib is closer than ever before, in light of the failure of political options that were presented in the past”.

The Russian news agency “Sputnik” quoted, that Syrian military source as saying: “We have a single option, the ground progress within the military operation was coordinated with the Russian side, after a large-scale survey of the region took place during the past days”.

“The Syrian army began a massive aerial and artillery prelude to the positions of the militants of he HTS (Al Nusra Front) on the villages and towns of Umm Al Khalakhil, Al Khwain and Al Weibdeh in the south-eastern suburb of Idlib”.

The Syrian military source told “Sputnik”  that: “The firefight came after monitoring the movements and masses of the gunmen in these villages and towns, which are lines of contact with the positions of the Syrian army in the south-east of Idlib”.

He added: “Syrian army forces will not remain in the position of defender of their positions, especially after a series of failed attempts by the insurgents to launch repeated attacks, the most recent today, when the militants tried to advance through the axis of the town of Khwain where they were addressed by artillery and heavy machine guns, Attempts on the axes of the northern Hama and North West bordering the southern countryside of Idlib .

The response of the Syrian army will be only progress towards these villages and towns, and his forces are ready for this process.

The army had closed all the crossings connecting the villages of Hama and Idlib “to prevent the exit of any armed with civilians who were leaving Idlib towards the areas of control of the Syrian state”, according to “Sputnik” agency.

According to “Sputnik” that “on the roads linking Hama and rural Idlib Caravan convoys armed with diverse weapons, as human reinforcements climb to the mountains of Latakia to keep the alert in the countryside of Aleppo Southwest linked to the same scenario, some Kurdish groups also decided to join the battle under the leadership of the Syrian army, the stronghold of the Strait stopped movement and heavy fire began its work and began to prepare for the battle intensively from the three countryside towards Idlib.

As for the fate of the civilians inside Idlib, the Russian agency quoted the so-called “National Reconciliation Commission in Idlib” as saying that there would be “humanitarian crossings coordinated between the Syrian leadership and the Russian side in the event of the battle towards Idlib, to ensure a safe exit for civilians wishing to leave the areas of control of terrorist groups “.

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