A thief who become pro Syrian government leader .. return to prison again ..

The story began with the arrest of Samer Rafe by the Syrian security forces.

Samer Rafe was an operations officer in the Al Quds Brigade, in the context of an armed clash with other factions fighting with the Syrian army.

The arrest took place two months ago, but the investigation revealed his involvement in the sale of missiles to the Islamic state organization in Deir Al Zour.

Leaked details of the investigations with the Palestinian Samer Rafa, “the operations officer of the” Al Quds Brigade, “a month after his arrest by the Syrian security and accused of selling weapons to ISIS.

According to the investigation, “a truck loaded with guided missiles was found to have been intercepted, and Rafa was accused of selling it through local intermediaries.

The batch of rockets was taken out as a consumer and the shipment was taken by people and handed over to ISIS.

The sources added that a Syrian security patrol had searched the house of Rafe for several months, and thousands of dollars had been confiscated after information he gave during the investigation.

He was arrested on charges of armed robbery and theft of houses in the city of Aleppo.

He appeared on Syrian satellite on the day of his confession to the charges against him, but he was released after a year, according to the Working Group for Palestinians in Syria.

It is also noteworthy that Rafe was honored by the Russian base of Khmeimim and granted him and his name months ago.

Which pointed out that among the charges against the crane, the charges of using weapons and the threat of killing people, and stealing warehouses traders and stores of gold, especially that the faction was overseeing the guarding of several areas, including the industrial city of Sheikh Najjar.

The sources said the Rafe case as: «a large issue will be decoded successively and not at the level of the Al Neirab camp, but at the level of the whole country».


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