Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that Europe is becoming increasingly drawn into the conflict in Ukraine and is about to slide into it, and is swinging on the brink of war.

Orban said: “Europe is drifting towards war, it’s swinging on a thin rope, in fact it is already in a state of war by proxy,” noting that European Union countries supply Ukraine with weapons and train Ukrainian army personnel.

The Hungarian Prime Minister indicated that the European Union countries, in an attempt to provide military assistance to Ukraine, may go so far as to send peacekeeping forces to Kiev.

“Soon we will hear about the so-called peacekeeping forces,” Orban said, warning that Europe was swinging on the brink of war and putting itself in a very dangerous position.

Orban added, “The danger of drifting towards war has become constant… It started with providing helmets, then military equipment appeared, and now it has come to tanks”.

The Hungarian Prime Minister also indicated that Budapest chose to stay out of the Ukrainian crisis, and NATO and the European Union support the continuation of military action, stressing that Hungary wants to achieve an immediate end to the conflict in Ukraine, but it doesn’t have the strength to do so.

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