Russian newspaper, Izvestia, wrote about US sponsorship of oil smuggling from Syria through other channels.

In an article published at the newspaper, the writer, Anton Lavrov, explained how the United states is working in the eastern Euphrates region on smuggling and looting Syrian oil.

In the Syrian desert, in the Euphrates valley and beyond the Euphrates, Syrian oil smuggling is gaining momentum again.

This happens after the defeat of ISIS.

Now, when the population of government-controlled areas suffers from a severe shortage of energy resources, Syrian black gold is flowing back out of the US occupation zone.

In the past, the petrodollar flow was feeding the propaganda and military machine of terrorists.

Now, the oilfields provide arms to anti-government groups and the personal wealth of their leaders.

The head of the General Operations Department of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Lt. Gen. Sergey Rodskoy, said on July 29 that US private military companies, with a total of more than 3.5 thousand people, are looting Syrian oil facilities under the cover of the air alliance.

Of course, this work has not yet reached the spectacular benchmarks he reached in 2015.

Smuggling today, more secret.

It is said that oil goes from areas not controlled by the government to Turkey by individual mechanisms and not by endless convoys.

After ISIS was expelled from the border areas, smuggling into Iraq, especially to Kirkuk, intensified.

There it facilitates the legalization of Syrian oil under the guise of Iraq.

The energy embargo is a deliberate strategy of the United States and its allies to pressure Syria.

In addition to intercepting tankers, the Americans are actively trying to prevent “smuggling” of oil from Syria to Syria, that is, transport from SDF-controlled areas to the government shore.

This clearly doesn’t facilitate a peaceful life in the country.

A quarter of Syria’s territory and most of its oil resources remain under the control of US-backed forces.

In fact, these areas have become a military reserve, or just a US occupation zone.

According to international laws, this means that they are responsible for everything that happens in these areas, including illegal mining and smuggling of energy resources from the country.

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