Greece has become the second country to adopt a new policy with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and especially with the United States after it decided to welcome Russian warships in its ports and talk about the possibility of buying the Russian defense system S-400, similar to its rival Turkey.

With the rise of the Russian presence in the Mediterranean, both in the eastern region near Syria and Turkey and Greece and then in the west of the sea, especially Spain, the United States is pressing its allies not to receive Russian warships, Spain has provided facilities for Russian ships and declined during the past three years but returned to allow To these vessels in their southern ports, according to the Russian news network “Sputnik” on Wednesday.

With the military cooperation between Russia and Turkey after the purchase of Ankara system “S400”, began issuing licenses for Russian vessels docking in their ports, and Greece is afraid of the Russian bias completely to Turkey, a historical crime, and began the Greek military authorization of Russian military vessels docking in its ports without great restrictions Despite US pressure.

In turn, Cyprus rejected US pressure and authorized Russian warships.

The Greek press began to reflect the voices of former experts and military personnel calling for military cooperation with Russia and the purchase of the S400 system, as Turkey did, stressing that the presence of Greece in NATO doesn’t preclude military cooperation with Moscow.

Athens may surprise and buy these missiles to be the second member of the Atlantic alliance to acquire them after Ankara broke this psychological-military barrier.

The Greeks feel they are not an important component of Western military plans, despite their presence in the alliance, and they accuse NATO of being biased towards Turkey in the bilateral problems between Ankara and Athens.

The experts advice Greece that it might leave NATO if it leaves Turkey and builds bridges of cooperation with Russia. Reports from the study centers in Greece confirm that NATO will not defend Greece in the event of a war with Turkey, so it may bet on getting closer to Moscow to ensure its future security.

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