Global Times: 3 events that could stop the supply of NATO tanks to Ukraine


The Chinese Global Times newspaper revealed three reasons that may limit the supply of Western NATO tanks to Ukraine, saying that providing these weapons will delay finding a solution to the conflict.

According to the report posted by the Chinese newspaper, it’s unclear how the supply of Western tanks will help the Ukrainian forces, but such assistance will certainly delay the end of the conflict.

It became clear that NATO had abandoned the idea of ​​sending only defensive weapons to Kyiv.

According to Li Haidong, a professor at the Chinese University of Foreign Affairs, the main results on the battlefield depend on the quality and capabilities of weapons and soldiers.

Today, the Ukrainian army plays a negative role in this regard.

“Russia has strong ground combat capabilities, while the United States and Germany want to improve Ukraine’s military capabilities by providing Ukraine with main battle tanks”. He explained.

Experts confirmed that the Abrams-M1 and Leopard 2 tanks are considered heavyweight, and they can perfectly show their capabilities in the winter season.

However, the first tanks will arrive in Ukraine in the spring, at the height of the snow thaw on the roads and fields.

Because of this, Russian light and medium tanks would be superior to Western equipment.

The experts added, “In the spring and summer, dirt on the roads will affect the performance of the tanks.

In contrast, the Russian T72 and T90 tanks, which are lighter, have greater mobility.

Professor at Kemerovo Provincial University, Sergey Biryukov, in turn, indicated in an interview with the Global Times newspaper that the tanks of NATO countries will be sufficient for the Ukrainian armed forces only to stay on the front, but their number won’t be sufficient for the spring counterattack.

Moreover, before the first equipment can be dispatched, events may occur that disrupt the supply of tanks and distract the Alliance from the Ukrainian conflict.

Biryukov believes that “only a serious military conflict in other parts of the world, a sharp increase in the economic crisis in Western countries, or the destabilization of the current political system in Ukraine due to internal factors can distract the attention of the USA and NATO from the Ukrainian conflict and ease current tensions”.

At the same time, Li Haidong added that the United States and its allies are now sacrificing Ukraine in order to weaken and isolate Russia.

Washington doesn’t care about the losses that Kyiv will incur in implementing these plans.

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